Industrial Power Transmission

Industrial Power Transmission Products

At Louisville Industrial Supply Co., we have a wide selection of custom components such as bearings and gear reducers to motors and belts. Check what we offer below.


Industrial Gearing and Motors

We offer full replacement, rebuild, engineering, and design services for both gearboxes and gearmotors (AC/DC motors).

Industrial Belting and Sheaves

  • V-Belts

  • Fractional HP Belts

  • Timing Belts

  • V-Belt Sheaves

  • Timing Pulleys

  • Lawn Mower Belts

Chain and Sprocket

  • ANSI Standard

  • Engineered Class

  • Metric

  • Plastic Tabletop

  • Modular


  • Mounted, Ball, Type E, Cylindrical, and Spherical Roller

  • Unmounted, Ball, Roller, Tapered, and Needle

  • Cam Followers

  • Bronze

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